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Batterie Haesler

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14./ HKAR 1265

4 x 15cm K18 field guns

15.5 mile range

14./ HKAR 1265 was the last of the batteries to be set up on Jersey. It was able to strike the French coast and often used as a distraction and morale-boosting exercise. The batterie was heavily used on the 8/9th of March during the raid on Granville Harbour by the Germans. The guns used at this batterie were transferred from Batterie Scharnhorst on Guernsey on the 8th of August. They were transferred to Jersey help strengthen defences in the East of the island. However, the sea transfer was noticed and the convoy attacked by the US Navy.

Gun Specifications

Type Heavy gun
Place of origin Germany
Designer Rheinmetall
Designed 1933–38
Manufacturer Rheinmetall
Produced 1938–43
Number built 101
Weight 18,600 kg
Barrel length 8.195 m (26 ft 11 in) L/55
Caliber 149.1 mm (5.87 in)
Breech horizontal block
Carriage box trail
Elevation -2°to +43°
Traverse 10° on wheels & 360° on platform
Muzzle velocity 865 m/s (2,838 ft/s)
Firing range 15.5 Miles


165 personnel (139 planned)

German Record Details

4 x 15cm K18 field guns

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